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Phrasal verb: shy away from

Other phrasal verbs in this series:
Day 1: let (someone) in on (something)
Day 2: come up with (something)
Day 3: sink in
Day 4: brush up on (something)
Day 5: try (something) out
Day 6: fall behind
Day 7: keep up with (something)
Day 8: stay up
Day 9: turn (something or someone) down
Day 10: talk (someone) out of (something)
Day 11: ask around
Day 12: come down to (something)
Day 13: miss out on (something)
Day 14: stick around
Day 15: go over (something)
Day 16: see (something) through
Day 17: work on (something) 
Day 18: doze off
Day 19: take (someone) up on (something)
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